Offensive to style (III)

Source: via Nicoletta on Pinterest

Awful…only if You go to gym with a batman or diabolik mask… even Gisele’s marvellous legs appear short with this…! Be careful! At the very first romantic date, don’t wear this model…and neither if You’re married since so many years…love is killed both way: at the beginning, collapsing into end.

Men need to be in love with Your legs…and NEVER trust the fake words: “You’re beautiful without make-up, You’re gorgeous with such a shoe-model”…It’s no true. Men like good lookings, good food, good quality.

There’s always something strange if they tell us such an affirmation: they’re glancing at other feet, believe me!

Girls, love Yourself, stay beautiful. EVER. Stay strong. With the right shoes. 

Ok flat models if You prefere, but NEVER this. It was famous sometimes ago among stars, but the woman wearing it, she was wearing mini-skirt or shorts, also!


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