A diamond was born and is still: TWIGGY, the posh style

Dear friends,

leave these outfits alone:





They can only be adorated: Twiggy was an icon, really. A diamond in the world of fashion.

She was so delicate, so sensitive, so simple and easy…a real beauty.

I love very high heels, You already know it, but I think she was the only one to wear flat shoes like a star! She was elegant in “ballerina”‘s! So amazing! I’ve always considered pumps, or high sandals, or stilettos, the unique glamourous models to look “fashion”…I was wrong! Twiggy let me know the truth!



“Swinging London”, …”Swinging the world” with her peculiar, fantastic style! 

She’s still a so beautiful, natural, chic, woman:



And she teaches about fashion…! Now like before!

Look at her shoes’collection and You’ll understand why:




She’s 64 and she’s a real vertigo: I dare say, she’s a piece of history for all those who loves fashion world and style. Nobody can forget such a magnifying model…Someone who changed the destiny of our of way to love and live for fashion.

Thank You, Twiggy!






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