Even a Queen falls: ANNA WINTOUR…what have You done to Your feet?

Dear followers and friends,
I know I’ll be called heretic maybe, but when I looked at this picture


starring the “queen” Anna Wintour, I couldn’t believe it was real: the Vogue “giant”, quoting: “You either know fashion or You don’t” seems to forget at New York Fashion week 2013 chez Reed Krakoff, how to take care of her feet.

I don’t want to comment the peculiar tight shoes (look at the little toe OUTSIDE the sandal!) she’s wearing…but feet!! Oh gosh! They appear so anonymous and disregarded! Maybe a transparent nail polish? It’s not visible in the photo! Definitely a bad choice, Madame Fashion! I’d like to suggest, if I’m allowed to, to wear something more stylish and posh, like a pair of stunning sandals by Jimmy Choo:


They can keep out audience’s attention from toes if they’re not so cool with all these pretty sparkling lights on!

I think it will be not easy to make the change…it seems she’s in love with this outfit:



Again!! Manolo will be happy for often wearing these shoes made of extreme simplicity  but…just for a matter of comfort? Legend says she’s been wearing the Callasly sandals (heel: cm 8.9, nude color) by M. Blahnik since 1994 in nearly all the daywear events! 19 years! 37 fashion seasons!

BUT toe in 2013 is still outside and fingers are with a “transparent” pedicure…!

Thinking it’s an obsession, this “perfect shoe”:



I have some trouble to understand…unbelievable at the end the same model of shoes for thousand of outfits! But girls, we can get reassurance: we used to think we shall have shoes and shoes and shoes to look glamourous…Anna Wintour teaches us we were wrong! It fits just one pair!

But please…never forget PEDICURE and right size! Listen to me…there’s something we have to consider for ever, Manolo or not Manolo! The BEAUTY of our FEET!




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