OFFENSIVE TO STYLE XXI: Dior…what’s going on? Fertility is not a question at…the bottom!

Hi folks and pretty girls of all ages,

I freezed when I saw this… an old shoe’s model by Christian Dior in 2009.

Even if it was some time ago, Dior gave world positive energy, enhancing glory to Mother earth…but…I think results in terms of style continue to be…weird.

I don’t like these sandals at all. Heels are original, indeed, but I think only for true long legs! And the manufacture…so  boorish! Then, the heel bones: they seem exploding upon the fat sculptured “heels”!

Rejected. Definitively. Poor Mother Goddess!

Have a Look and share with me Your comments!

🙂 Nico

Dior Dior


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