OFFENSIVE TO STYLE XXII: “Fashion week” is not assurance of glam!

Dear my tender lovers…

OH MY GOD!!! Look at this picture…

Spring 2013

Manolo Blahnik…”destroyed” by such terryfing feet!!! Have You seen the weird toe coming out the silver sandal?

Vomiting…focus on the corn! Is it normal to get such a similar view? No, I don’t think so. I don’t wanna think at all, indeed!

Stylists and Great Kermesses'(such as at the “Fashion Week”) art directors forget a simple but fundamental point too many times: beauty of the models’ feet are the FIRST concept when shoes are the principal players! All feet are disgusting here in this picture. No nail art, no pedicure, no beauty at all! Are they completely dummies?

It’s easy, genius:

Kim Kardashian Hosts Midori Makeover Parlour

We are not Kim Kardashian (her stunning foot is a pleasure for the eyes), but we can achieve same result with a dedicated pedicure!! So stylists should follow it: featuring NAIL CULTURE.


Infact, sometimes, somewhere…It’s just a matter of…coloured nails! The optical effect is immediate and true.

Less rules, better fashion world!

Whispering words of glam wisdom,

good night,



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