OFFENSIVE TO STYLE XXIII: the right leg for the right shoe.

Dear friends, dear stunning women,

it’s true we faint in front of a Manolo’s or a Jimmy Choo’s, or a Loboutin’s, etc…but we have always to take care about our… legs.

Yes, right, a pretty pedicure may solve thillers, but it’s not sufficient to just go paying the 100000 (etc) pair of shoes.

Everyone NORMAL woman with a NORMAL physical structure (then EVERYONE again! )need to be aware and stay tuned on LEG-STYLE.

Look at Kim:


Are the boots so stunning to disguise her fatty legs? Not al all, I suppose.

And our italian icon, Ornella Muti:

ornella muti

..ankle boots… are better than the previous “piggy cat with the boots” saga.. do You think? Absolutely not. Ornella, You’re not a baby face teen anymore…please, grow up and don’t buy wooden mirrors! You have to control Your outfits!

Strong ankle…never wear ankle boots! Girls, be careful with boots in general; stop staring Gisele, and concentrate on Your Jewels…give them the right gift at feet.

Jessica  Simpson

Attention to high heels and summer wedges…they CUT the legs! If they get “paralysed” for such a tight bite (feet seem two sausages at…a balcony here ! Too nerd) …keep calm, try gym and change Your style!

Here I am to let You be aware of certain perspectives they cannot be forget.

How can I conquer the outlet, my self-esteem, a laugh?

Check some topics to conquer  a new “consciousness”:


Jennifer Lopez for example: she has amazing and gorgeous legs…but pity, not very long

<< To give the impression of long legs wear skirts and dresses with a high waist, preferably with a belt to accentuate the effect. If you wear nylons, choose it in the same color of the shoes. If you opt for bare legs, wear shoes the color of the skin that leave uncovered the dorsum of the foot so that the line between leg and ankle is not interrupted. Visually will gain at least a few inches! (from: www.>> Do You understand such huge things You need to suffer to look and be posh and pretty? It doesn’t matter if You’re VIP or Cinderella…You HAVE TO take care of Yourself! Start form the earth, from shoes…and always trust in Your legs.

To feel light, and slim legs,

a useful recipe: 30 grams of stems of cherry, 40 grams of meadowsweet 30 grams of white birch, 30 grams of weed, 30 grams of ragweed pollen,100 grams kelp, 25 gram of “asperella” and 10 grams of  shredded licorice . Preparation is even simpler : boil a liter of water for two minutes and add three tablespoons of the mixture. Allow to infuse for ten minutes. Strain and drink the ‘infused during the day, for twenty days per month, for three months. ( 

Good drink, good walking, good sparkling hearts,



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