OFFENSIVE TO STYLE XXIV: sorry VENUS, You look terrible! Cannot catch Your feet…just faint.

Dear beloved friends,

I think new Fashion generation shall have faith in feet health and pedicure, not only in surgery and botox…

Look at these super sexy Venus and share with me Your sick:



Jennifer Gardner and her curious toes…”Batman” is not THE problem in her family now…it’s something at her bottom!

Kirsten DUst

Kirsten Dust and her “Vampire” feet…is she preparing a “splatter” movie by Tarantino?

Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes and “alien” feet: is a Scientology mistake? Maybe it’s easier to go YOGA sessions to stretch her toes…You can do it, if You want, babe!

Christine Hendricks


For the joy of all girls having troubles with their bodies…here the “horror picture show” from red carpet…! Unbelievable Christine Hendricks! The worst thing is about the stylist: oh my God, how do You suggest to wear such sandals with SUCH toes? Are You nuts? Something from the mind shadows…out of my perception. For ever.


Ophra…6 TOES? She’d always like to be “on top”, exaggerating. Terrifying. No comment for the rest: weird flip flops (probably not bought in Switzerland!), big toes crazy for “bends”…Fired.

Julianne Moore


Julianne Moore’s feet at Cannes Festival 2013…were something crushing our hearts for ever. Why, and I’ll ask why for ever, did she put this craziness on? Plus, these silver sandals are not so special, nothing particular, indeed. Maybe her size was over? Then, CHANGE the outfit! “FOLIE. PAS PARDONNER”. All woman kind, forgive her.

VIctoria Beckam


My favorite Victoria…doesn’t sparkle on the ground…Terrible feet. Skeleton appeal. Go Surgery, marsh! 

Cameron DIaz


Cameron…UGLY UGLY UGLY!! There’s something about Mary ? Not al all, CAPE FEAR!

Jennifer Aniston

SILENCE. Just stare at this extreme pain for our eyes and soul. Take oxygen and get drunk. These kinna feet or something close to the scientific definition before skin invention … It’s not Angelina’s fault, I’m sorry, Ms Aniston!

LIz Hurley


                             Kate Moss

Girls, I’ve had difficulties to copy-paste these pictures…I had to go to the toilets…so many times! 

TOP MODELs?! FEET-witches, maybe! It’s a better definition, I believe. No more comments…sorry…I have to run to toilet bowl. Again and ever.

And Last but not least, the Loch Ness Queen of Ugliest feet is…

Naomi Campbell

Naomi…the black diamond…the most beautiful legs on the catwalk, the panther… a dream above, a nightmare at the bottom!

I’ve never seen a more terrifying performance from a human being…just…walking! Oh my Gold, did You choose a Russian boyfriend cause there…they don’t use to flirt with feet?! Please, cover Yours. Save our stomach.

I leave You with a pretty picture…like salts after faint!

Halle Berry is a precious “Good-night”, finally…ELEGANCE. B-E-A-U-T-Y.

Let’s dance with glam,










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