OFFENSIVE TO STYLE XXV: even if You’re a Princess, You shall never forget Shoes outfit is always the QUEEN

Dear beloved,

I wanna catch Your attention with this outfit, featuring the beautiful model Irina Shayk at New York Fashion Week 2013 (ehmm…I’ve seen some pictures of her made some years ago… I’m a little upset, but it’s another story (1)):

Irina Shayk

Dress is nothing special to me…but shoes…GOSH! No comment.

Maybe, if she was walking side by side:

Irina Shayk


Shoes are the most important part of an excellent outfit, indeed: here, they EXIST just for the long legs of this fashion icon. Just because SHE is Irina. 

I’d prefer something posh and chic for the simple white dress, like these magic “touchy” stilettos by  Jimmy Choo’s:

Jimmy Choo

or this amazing pair by Loboutin to change the rhythm of the outfit in a coloured smile:


If You feel like a Princess, wear the right shoes…You’ll became a Queen! If You’re beautiful and crash in ugly shoes…go finding a Prince to kiss You at the basin!

It doesn’t matter You don’t have lip augmentation or cellulitis, or cheeks like a cock…choose perfect shoes and conquer the world, stunning women! Be sexy, be cool, but always with diamonds at feet.

Sweet dreams,





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