OFFENSIVE TO STYLE XXVIII: so UNPOLITE…only for trash people

OFFENSIVE TO STYLE XXVII: so UNPOLITE...only for trash people

Dear lovers,
You may want to be more “efficient” when You’re angry and not waste Your time in yelling…
Wear this ankle boots model and …all becomes so easy!
It’s a “fxxk xxx” so trendy, isnt’it? The author of my source, wrote about them: <>.
Hideous price. Shame on all the people involved…1100…what?!
They are so ugly (and the color…like shit! Oh my God), I have to say sorry to Lady Gaga for the previous posts about horrible shoes…
Please, use Your mouth if You’re nervous and avoid these monsters…You have to look a star, independent, proud, polite, posh. Not “black and shit” heels!
Stay tuned,


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