Red carpet makes them… BIGGER! (Second episode)

Dear friends,

here again with the topic I promised to go deeper in… enquiry still in progress!

I cruised in the web but found out same few but interesting feedbacks, just feelings, sensations:

I agree with this : <<Call me M ( said…

I have noticed it before and it’s not a nice sight.
I heard that this happens because they are only borrowing the shoes from the designer’s and not buying them. So the designers don’t have all the sizes available (only samples) to give them, and that’s why we see so many celebrities wearing shoes that are way bigger than their true size.

(May 12, 2011 at 10:07 AM,

Or simply because stars  are on their feet so long in heels and “it gives room for their feet to swell a bit so they aren’t so dreadfully uncomfortable after a couple hours” (from, by “life is reediculous“): I often stand up for many hours on my 12/15cm heels and don’t need to wear “giants” shoes! (am I an alien?)

Task stays unaccomplished. It’s so weird, indeed, to look at these outfits! WHY? I need and answer, now!

It’s too bad. Maybe it’s true people usually don’t pay attention on “details”…but some little things do the difference! And make someone REALLY beautiful!

How is it possible these women don’t collapse from those “BIG” shoes?

Cameron DIazCameron DIazImageImageImageImageImage

Cameron and Nicole…Oh my God! They look awful in the “detailed” photos! Toes going down the sole, heels down the “heels”!! Make me crazy. How do they manage to walk? They don’t walk, actually! Just go shooting! 😦

This is something stylists have to underline and settled: their creations cannot be really appreciated by this kind of output!

And celeb…put attention in the particular, little aspects of Your outfit: You risk to look ridiculous in a second! Because real “fashion experts” do look at Your bottom!

Right size, right shoes, right dress, right make-up, the “four-right” fashion mantra! Don’t forget it, girls! Repeat it every morning in front of the closet, sing it before opening the home door, whisper it when You feel a mess and You need to “adjust” Your ass when the boss is calling You in “that” meeting where the man of Your dreams is coming, too!

Your “perfectionist” Nicoletta







2 thoughts on “Red carpet makes them… BIGGER! (Second episode)

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me, and quoting me. I do believe that the shoes are just borrowed from the showrooms, and that’s why they’re so big, because they generally keep large sizes to give to celebrities (etc.) And I agree that it looks really bad.


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