Style: the BEAST and the BEAUTY

Dear friends,

an easy “cheap and chic” post to illustrate the two sizes of the moon of fashion (no reference  to  the personality of the celeb here represented, of course, it’s just a matter of style disclosure)


Miley Cirus

Miley Cirus, age 20…little Rihannas grow up (as the press uses to say)?

What we know…she wears outfits like a monster! Hot pants made in …what?! Synthetic human skin after hyperbaric chamber?


Elle Mac Pherson

Elle Mac Pherson, age 49…the stunt goddess! The most beautiful body alive, “The Body”…and…the most charming! Looking fab here!


it doesn’t matter You’re a teen or “agé”…style is ever a matter of passion, healing, taste, politeness, learning, modesty. An amazing and young body is not sufficient to create “fashion-icons”. Remember it…take a deep breath, smile at Your belly, but go walking like a star among other stars. The moon is not so far away: it’s just on the pavement. It’s now. It’s always time to create “style”, to be cool, to look amazing.




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