For all the Gods! I’ve tried Fish Pedicure in Athens!!! Amazing!!!

I’ve got it!
I tried Fish Pedicure at Doctor Fish’s SPA in Plaka, Athens!
Stunning experience!
30 minutes of pretty Garra Rufa’s “gnam gnam”,
10 minutes of soft massage with gentle cream
Relaxing sofa (back massage included) and nail art at the end…a Deluxe treatment at a so nice price (!
I’ve never felt my feet so soft and sparkling before!
The little fishes in the warm water make a kind of natural hydromassage by eating your dead skin …a sort of feet-rebirthing! Yeah!
I invite You to try and keep the advantages of this pretty therapy!
When You stand up, Your legs are ready for take-off! Light and smooth…loved it! Sensation for awhile is to have Your body splitted in two! Waist, belt, back, arms, head… up and stoned!; legs and feet…down and “angel-winged”!
Kiss from Athens, kindest followers!




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